You bring the Dev, We bring the Ops


Agile Infrastructure

Developers are expected to write code that is efficient, reliable, and testable, so don't they deserve infrastructure that is held to the same standards? Whether it's spinning up ephemeral infrastructure to test a new feature, developing processes to automate deployment, or scaling your infrastructure to keep up with customer demands, we are here to help.



A well rounded Dev/Ops practitioner requires domain knowledge in multiple disciplines. Short of spending significant time performing the duties of every role, the most efficient route to gain this knowledge is training customized for your team. With over a decade of experience developing courses and teaching in higher education, including undergraduate and graduate levels, we are uniquely equipped to deliver custom training for your team.


Technical Recruiting

What if scaling your team(s) was as easy as scaling your infrastructure? Only instead of making an API call, you simply make a phone call. We will work closely with you and your team(s) to get a feel for your workplace culture, and the specific skill sets you need, then work tirelessly to find the right candidates.

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