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Helo World!

Welcome to the brand new Technologix website and blog! It has been a very long journey for us. Earlier this year, we decided it was finally time for a make over of sorts. New branding, updated marketing, and most importantly, an updated company vision.

It has taken us a very long time, we tried many different business models, provided various services, but we never seemed to find our niche. That all changed earlier this year when we realized we kept circling back to the world of DevOps. Whether it was because we were writing code to help customers automate processes, monitor devices, or helping ease developers pain, we kept coming back to that nexus between the developer and operations roles. So it became obvious that where we felt most comfortable and felt we can contribute the most good was to the DevOps niche. So, if it wasn't blatantly obvious from the home page, we are now focused almost solely on helping organizations large and small adopt the DevOps Philosophy. And, yes, we are firmly in the camp that "DevOps" is a philosophy, mindset, and set of practices. It is not a new team you need to hire, or a new title your HR person needs to add. Well, with the caveat that in some circumstances, two teams may merge into a single DevOps team. But we strongly advocate for the use of DevOps to be a unifying force, and not just become yet another silo in your organization.

Lastly, I would like to point out something about the title of this post. No, it was not simply a typo. It was a very deliberate reference to the SMTP command. For the uninitiated, the initial command a SMTP "client" sends to a SMTP "server" to introduce itself, is helo. It's meant to be used for the client to formally introduce itself, including providing it's fully qualified hostname. Essentially, the same way you would formally introduce yourself to another person.

So as a tip of the hat to the venerable, and seemingly undying SMTP protocol, we are adopting it as our contact email address. So, please, feel free to reach out and say helo!

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